About Usha

About Usha

My approach is holistic, integrating the body, mind and spirit. You come to feel directly your inherent goodness. Our work together opens you to the fullness of your being in its totality. I am eclectic in my approach to healing and employ a variety of techniques and modalities that may include somatic and sacred psychology, guided imagery, creative visualization, dreamwork, somatic experiencing, art therapy, archetypal, mythic and poetic traditions, and the diverse skillful means within the clinical tradition of western psychotherapy.

My specialty though is in somatic therapy, somatic means body so in addition to the types of conversations you would normally have with a counselor I will help you tap into your body’s capacity for healing. Using body-oriented inquiry and with great gentleness and compassionate guidance our exploration naturally allows a new level of understanding, and in this way the work becomes transformational. This approach is a multidimensional journey of discovery and exploration of your truest nature. My work is governed and attuned to your unique process.

My purpose is to honor and empower the existing inner wisdom and healing resources within you. My hope is for you to experience embodied self-awareness, self-love, empowerment, creative expression and deeper authentic and meaningful connection to others, and yourself so you may live and be in a way that is true from your heart.

Who I Work With

I offer support and healing for trauma recovery and resolution, developmental trauma, attachment wounding, Women and Men’s Issues, individuals experiencing chronic illness/and or pain, medical trauma, environmentally sensitive individuals who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world and long to find and embody their unique way of belonging. People who are creating a new life for themselves and are ready to unwind the imprints of their past experiences. People who are ready to claim their power, face their demons, do shadow work, stretch their capacity, open their hearts and embody their full range of emotions. Individuals who may have had at some point in the journey disconnected from some aspect of their authenticity, been conditioned to disown their voice, needs, truth and boundaries in order to feel loved, seen, and appreciated.

If you are interested in personal growth, or finding what feels missing in your life, or simply have an interest in unfolding your psyche-soul’s potentiality, my work might be right for you.

Many of my client’s find this process deeply satisfying and rich. My clients often call our inquiry an adventure of discovery.


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